Terms and Conditions

This application is intended as a means for LuLaRoe Independent Retails to share their collections with their shopping groups in an invite-only fashion. Your presence on and use of this site is assumed to be the result of such an invitation.

Acceptible Use

Use of this site should include browsing albums and photos within a collection, reading descriptions and comments, and leaving your own comments. Downloading copies of the photos is also permissible, as is referencing the provided item numbers in direct communication with the LuLaRoe retailer.

Prohibited Use

Use which is not allowed includes but is not limited to:

  • Attempting to search or identify collections to which you have not received an invitation;
  • Attempting to probe or hack the site, or to discover or track the identity or location of other users of the site in any manner not revealed directly by those users;
  • Attempting to overwhelm the site by posting comments in excessive quantities or at excessive rates of speed;
  • Spamming in comments by posting text or links unrelated to the items hosted in the collections;
  • Reposting inventory photos or comments provided here in any other site or forum, except by express permission from the LuLaRoe retailer;
  • Any use of offensive or intimidating language;
  • Any attempt to impersonate or knowingly falsify information;
  • Any action which interferes with other users' ability to use the site.

Any violation of these terms, to be determined at our sole discretion, may result in a permanent ban from use of this site as a whole.