Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of paramount importance.

Any information we ask you to provide, such as a name, email, or social media connection, are for the sole purpose of your communication with LuLaRoe retailers or other visitors to the same invite-only collections.

Any comments you choose to leave will be viewable by anyone given an invitation to the same collection, but not by the general public.

We, or our social media providers, may use HTTPS cookies to store information about you in your browser. Using HTTPS and specifying the origin ( of these cookies means they cannot be accessed by other websites. We will never store any information about you in a way that other sites can harvest it.

LuLaRoe Retailers hosting their collections here may provide shopping instructions and a link to their customer sign-up form ("Bless"). We are not affiliated with Bless, and do not track any interaction with either sign-up forms or invoices through Bless.